Does distributing your team uniform take you far too long when you actually have more important tasks to complete?


How about an EASY solution - that can save you loads of time & money? Oh, and did we say it doesn't cost you any more?



Gone are the days of spending hours digging through boxes of shirts, polos, trousers & rainwear - working out what team member gets what. Work Kit™ is All Guard's exclusive service offering of pre-packaged uniforms per employee. Work Kit™ is designed to save you loads of time and money.


Whether a complete team fitout, rebrand or onboarding new employees - we make the distribution process quick & easy. Each package is clearly labelled, and complete with the right garments, the right sizing, and the right quantities. All you need to do, is simply hand the package out to each employee.


"Handing out the guys uniforms went from taking 3 hours, to 30 minutes!" - Anna, HR Manager


Get in touch with All Guard today, to see how we can save you money and hours of time with Work Kit™ - making your uniform procurement and distribution process EASY!